Wrap & Pack Services:
We offer all wrap and pack services for all clients – at the client’s premises or we offer a pickup and delivery to our premises to proceed with the service. Typically, we’d need at least 1 to 2 days’ notice ahead of this to allow us the time to fulfil the needs in which you require. For standard boxing / envelope / packaging services we can offer this service on the same day.

We offer two types of storage to clients – Data Security Storage / Standard Storage.Clients such as Banks, Law Firms, Chambers Financial Firms will typically use our data security storage services while our Furniture Showroom, Catering, Retail clients will use our Standard Storage services.

Data Storage Solutions:
Data Security Storage will benefit all clients that wish to store confidential information such as archived cases & personal files. This service meets all security requirements needed and will allow only nominated persons to release the goods from storage if required to do so.
All archives will be numbered and barcoded ready to be released from storage as and when you need it – delivery will also be included to the client’s choice of destination.

Standard Storage Solutions
Standard Storage will benefit all clients who wish to store personal items, furniture, clutter – you name it. This will be picked up and taken to our storage facility on your requested date and it will be available to leave as and when you need it to be.


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